Instructions for Use


Instructions for Use After Installation

  1. 1.Insert the previously configured SD card (i.e. the one used during the initial setup).

  2. 2.Start engine

  3. 3.Hit the record button to start recording. You may be asked whether you want to overwrite the data file. This is the file in the /LIVE directory. You should have it backed up now, so answer positively.

  4. 4.Check that the red light is ON indicating that recording is in progress.

  5. 5.When done, hit the record button to stop recording. Confirm by hitting “OK”. the red light will go off. This step is IMPORTANT, else data loss may result.

  6. 6.Stop engine if desired (NEVER stop the engine while recording is in progress, as it may result in data loss).

  7. 7.Remove the SD card and backup the file generated in the /LIVE directory. Remember that this file will be overwritten next time you start recording.


A few issues may arise when using the DashDyno, please follow the below instructions if you encounter any problem listed below:

DashDyno Screen Change

If you accidentally hit a button on the DashDyno and are not on the recording screen, the DashDyno will not record any data even if you hit the ”Record” button. In this event, you will need to do the following:

  1. 1.Hit the ”Menu” button until you reach the root menu, you will know this when the screen does not change.

  2. 2.Select ”Data Logger” by highlighting it and then clicking OK.

  3. 3.Select ”List”.

  4. 4.If you get a blank screen, Hit the ”OK” button again.

  5. (a) Select View Live Data.

  6. (b) Select “Open Screen Configuration File”.

  7. (c) Select the default screen configuration file created at the start (C.cs)

  8. (d) Now hit the record button to continue recording.

  9. 5.If you do not get a blank screen, you can hit the ”record” button and follow the instructions as mentioned above to continue recording.

GPS Timeout

If you encounter a closed area, such as a garage (when you start your car), the GPS by default will timeout to save power and will not acquire location information. You will need to check the GPS and select ”Continue Acquiring Satellites” to let the GPS acquire location information. You will know if the GPS is not updating by either looking at the GPS itself or by looking at the GPS sensor readings on the DashDyno (GPS HDOP, GPS satellites, and GPS speed).

DashDyno SD card read failure

When you encounter a SD card read failure message on the DashDyno, you will need to remove and reinsert the SD card. In most cases, this will resolve the problem and you will be able to record data by following the above DashDyno screen change instructions. It may be necessary to remove and reinsert the SD card multiple times.

  1. If you already have GreenGPS installed, follow the instructions for use listed below. If you need to install GreenGPS, please click here.