Green GPS : A Participatory Sensing Fuel-Efficient Maps Application


    Green GPS is a novel service that computes fuel-efficient routes for vehicles between arbitrary end-points. Similar to how Google maps or MapQuest compute the shortest or the fastest routes, Green GPS finds the “green” route between two end-points that consumes the least amount of fuel.

  Green GPS accomplishes this by exploiting the vehicular sensor measurements available through the On Board Diagnostic-II interface of the car. The OBD-II interface is standard in all vehicles produced in the US after 1996.

    Our preliminary studies show that Green GPS can provide potential fuel savings of about 10%, which translates into a 20c cash back for every gallon of fuel consumed. In a broader society, as more users adopt Green GPS, it results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption which in turn reduces the CO2 emissions and a smaller carbon footprint for vehicles.


What is Green GPS?

We are looking for people interested in helping us collect data for our study. Check out our Ad here. The consent form from IRB approval can be found here. You can get more information here.

Vehicular Fuel Efficiency

Green GPS service: COMING SOON!.


Instructions for use can be found here.

GreenGPS builds on prior work on the SensorMap project