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    Green GPS is a participatory sensing application which relies on individuals contributing vehicular sensor measurements to create a fuel consumption map of a given area.

    We are currently conducting a research study that involves users driving on suggested routes to collect vehicular measurements for our service to be more accurate. There will be a monetary compensation of $1/mile for individuals participating in this study. Interested people can check out the details regarding this study below.

    Individuals wishing to participate in this study must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. 1.They must be in possession of a vehicle with an OBD-II port (most vehicles manufactured after 1996 will have an OBD-II port).

  2. 2.They must have a valid driver license.

  3. 3.They must have an auto insurance with at least $300,000 liability coverage.

  4. 4.They must have a valid e-mail address.

    Once you agree to participate, you will be provided with a system that consists of an OBD-II scanner, a GPS device, and an SD card. You will be assisted with the installation of these devices (which can be turned on/off at will). The above system measures vehicle parameters such as speed, fuel consumed and the location of the user which will be recorded on the SD card.

    The associated advertisement for this study can be found here (pdf). The consent form from IRB can be found here (pdf). For further information regarding the devices that we use for our experiments, you can visit the following websites:

  1. 1.OBD-II scanner, DashDyno (pdf)

  2. 2.Garmin GPS, eTrex Legend (pdf)

    Please contact any of the following people if you are interested in participating in this study:

  1. 1.Prof. Tarek Abdelzaher        zaher @ illinois dot edu

  2. 2.Raghu Kiran Ganti                rganti2 @ illinois dot edu

  3. 3.Nam Pham                            nampham2 at illinois dot edu